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We believe that design and creative endeavours should always include environmental practices by default. We too are humanly imperfect and far away from being a carbon-neutral or waste positive company. However, environmental practices have been at the core of Empty Space™ since our early days in 2018.

Supply Chain

We prioritize a supply chain that is as lean as possible—so we're working with european manufacturers and suppliers, as close as possible to our HQ in Berlin. With a few small exceptions, which can be found on each item's page—we source the majority of our materials from Europe. To further reduce unneccessary stock, we manufacture some items On-Demand using Pre-Orders. 

Better Materials
Sourcing and using better materials is a core part of our environmental practices and includes a range of materials. Organic cotton, recycled polyester and other synthetic fibers, bio-degradable bioplastics, recycled PET, water-based dyes and inks, as well as sugarcane and mycellium. For all apparel items, we make sure, that the materials we use have at least a GOTS, OEKO-TEX or BLUESIGN certification.

We are always researching bleeding edge technologies like blockchain-based solutions and other new ways, to further trace an item's origin and increase transparency. 

Biodegradable Packaging
Packaging should deliver a good from point A to point B. Packaging should create an emotional experience. Packaging should be designed as natural and honest as possible. We are committed to design our packaging with materials that have been harvested from renewable resources. Materials and single-use components are being sourced from Europe, mainly from Germany.

Contribution with every order
Every item sold through our website contributes to our money pool to support reforestation or replantation together with projects such as Eden Forest Projects. We are currently researching for better causes—feel free to recommend any.

Circular Production Cycle
For some of our upcoming items, we are already in the early stages of developing a fully circular production cycle, where each item's materials can be re-used at the end of its lifetime. 

Send us studies, research papers and videos, to support our developement and research to: human@empty---space.com

Being children of immigrants from Turkey, Vietnam and Kurdistan taught us to love and appreciate diversity out of a place of love. We strive to condemn all forms of hatred, discrimination and racism. 

Fair wages
We only cooperate with partners that value the health, time and skills of their workers at a humane level. All partners need to comply with the FLA Code of Conduct. Additionally, all of our partners agree to personal visits every six months to secure the stated values.